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What Solutions Help Sarasota Homes with Hidden Water Damage?

5/10/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO greens fans and stacked in a parking lot Finding standing water in your Sarasota home can be devastating. Call on SERVPRO to quickly and efficiently remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Facilitates Timely Identification of Hidden Water Intrusion in a Sarasota Home

Most water leaks leave unmistakable signs like wet patches on surfaces and furniture. However, hidden leaks also occur, and unlike the visible ones, elaborate restoration procedures are often necessary to tackle them. Finding and opening up the affected areas of your Sarasota home promptly is essential. SERVPRO can also use specialized equipment to facilitate the drying of enclosed spaces.
In your Sarasota home, water damage is classified as hidden if it is contained within ceilings, wall spaces, subfloors, or crawl spaces. Although it might not happen all the time, leaks in such areas are not uncommon, considering supply and removal pipes run within these areas. Other utilities such as air ducts also pass through these areas, and problems with HVAC systems are known to cause water damage. With the specialized assistance Water Restoration Technicians from SERVPRO provide, identifying the wet areas and resolving the damage is easier. Our Green Fleet carries a variety of moisture detecting devices that are not invasive to surfaces.
How demolition helps:

  • Creating room to reach wet materials
  • Creating access for air circulation
  • Removing deteriorated materials 

Removing wetness, soiling, and other issues caused by moisture requires physical contact with the affected material. For example, agitating or applying cleaning agents to soiled floors or subfloors is only feasible after removing carpets and pads. After cleaning is over, drying equipment like air movers, which circulate warm dry air to improve evaporation, works best when no barrier is blocking the air from reaching the wet material.

Opening up concealed areas is a delicate task, especially when the covering materials are not damaged. For instance, if there is no deterioration in the drywall or ceiling panels and carpets have not been delaminated, ruining them would create an unnecessary expense. Concealed areas may require full or partial opening for restoration. For instance, making vent holes, which involves drilling small holes at the base of a wall, allows venting air inside wall cavities, drying structural supports and other hidden materials faster. Our team can rig various types of dry-air injection systems for this purpose. Our SERVPRO technicians facilitate the safe removal of cover materials by using a skillful approach and specialized tools, including:

  • Stud finders to establish where to make cuts
  • Pry bars to support drywall while cutting
  • Rubber hammers to nudge materials without ruining them

Although opening concealed areas makes cleaning up and other water restoration tasks very simple, it can be tedious since rebuilding and refinishing such areas is necessary once the water problem is addressed. In other cases, safe demolition is not an option since materials are irreparably damaged if disturbed. Tiled floors are a clear example whereby any attempt at removal results in permanent damage.

Water Extraction Without Demolition

Our SERVPRO crews provide unique solutions that can eliminate the need for demolition. Drying mats and other cavity drying systems facilitate non-destructive moisture management processes. A drying mat is a combination of different resources which enable the removal of water trapped beneath the finished floor through seemingly impenetrable materials like hardwood or tile. The central part of the drying system is the mat, laid flush on the surface requiring water extraction. An extraction tool with a significant vacuum lift is also attached to the mat with hoses to draw water out through the small crevices between the flooring units. A tent of plastic sheeting can be installed above the floor, into which dehumidified air is pumped to be drawn through the crevices between the flooring units to the wet areas beneath. Several mats are often combined to cover a larger surface area. Other accessories such as tape to secure the mat to the surface and towels to wipe visible water periodically also help.
SERVPRO of South Sarasota offers several solutions to any water intrusion problem, thus helping deal with it, "Like it never even happened." Call us at (941) 552-6319.

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