Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Siesta Key Mold Remediation

An unoccupied condo in Siesta Key, without interior climate control, often results in large mold infestations requiring significant demolition and remediation. SERVPRO advises seasonal residents to keep the A/C set at 79-80 degrees to control moisture and humidity when away. However, if you need help, we are a phone call away.

Mold Damage - Sarasota Closet

Mold damage overran this Sarasota closet. A significant mold infestation had become established before the homeowners sought out help. SERVPRO of South Sarasota would respond quickly to the homeowners call for help. This severe mold damage would require that the walls be torn out and disposed of properly. Then the infestation on the interior of the walls could be cleaned and treated with a fungicide. Then the drywall would be replaced.

Mold Damage - Sarasota Home

Mold damage developed in this bank owned Sarasota house due to lack of air circulation. The humid environment provided the conditions for these patches to grow. The damaged drywall would have to be removed and disposed of properly. Next would come the application of an antimicrobial agent to the affected area. Then new drywall would be installed.

Building Mold Containment--Sarasota

SERVPRO can construct poly sheeting containment barriers during a mold remediation service in the Sarasota area. The visible HEPA filtered air scrubbers helps to prevent mold spores and particles from circulating to clean areas of the structure.

Sarasota Mold Damaged Property

The drain pipe was cracked, and water leaked in the wall cavity Mold destroyed the walls and left a musty odor needed remediation. Our SERVPRO AMRT technicians removed the damaged drywall, disinfected the area, and set up an air scrubber to purify the air.

Osprey Mold Damage from a Leak

The plumbing leak was repaired from the access door but not before the moisture allowed mold spores to develop. The patches in this Osprey condo were scraped away, with a HEPA filtered hand vac to reduce the circulation of mold spores. An antifungal agent was sprayed into the wall cavity, also. SERVPRO does the mold remediation right.