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What Safety Hazards Do Floods Create for Sarasota Homes?

2/21/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying equipment being used to dry storm damaged room Flooding can infiltrate structural cavities and weaken and ruin exposed materials. SERVPRO has the equipment to completely restore your home.

Safety and Health Concerns are Considerable After Natural Flooding Threatens Sarasota Properties

There are substantial concerns for a household and its occupants when natural flooding penetrates the main level of a house. When forceful groundwater flooding strikes, it quickly spreads through the living space, damaging structural elements and the contents of the house. Our fast response can ensure that emergency services begin quickly to reduce the toll flooding takes on a residence. 

Standing Water Concerns

Standing water and pooling can be among the most pressing concerns after flood damage in Sarasota homes. Any water collection on the flooring throughout the property must be removed and the effect on the structure assessed. Extraction involves several types of removal tools, usually a combination of vacuums and pumps.

Electric System Damages

Excess water can become dangerous when unexpectedly mixed with electricity. There are situations where water and moisture can trip a part of the circuit system; water and moisture function as a conduit for electricity, which creates a substantial shock threat in the standing water that we must resolve.

Structural Collapse Concerns

Standing water from a flood can infiltrate structural cavities to perpetually weaken and ruin exposed materials. While floodwater can spread fast in an open floorplan, the structural elements most quickly targeted include:

  • Ceilings
  • Wall assemblies
  • Floors and subflooring

Infestations and Contaminants 

Yet another consideration for the safety and wellbeing of those living in the house after flooding is the possibility of contamination. Natural flooding encounters countless substances and soils along the way into your house, and the longer it remains in your home the more contaminated it becomes. The complete restoration must overcome these concerns by removing saturated, non-restorable materials and applying appropriate disinfection and sanitizing agents.

Flooding undoubtedly causes substantial health and safety hazards for those involved. Intruding water can threaten various areas of the house, and many look to the fast response and expertise of our SERVPRO of South Sarasota team to help. Give our professionals a call today at (941) 552-6319.

How Much Devastation Is Expected After Flood Damage Affects Sarasota Homes?

1/18/2022 (Permalink)

Looking up at 4 palm trees; rain causing them to blow in wind High, damaging winds often accompany storms. Should your home become damaged, SERVPRO is available 24/7 for your storm damage restoration needs.

How Much Devastation Is Expected After Flood Damage Affects Sarasota Homes?

SERVPRO Can Help You Identify Major and Minor Issues That Influence Damage from Floods

If a storm affects your Sarasota home, it might take time to realize the true extent of the problem you face unless the property is physically decimated. Knowing beforehand what worsens the severity of such incidents can help you respond appropriately.

Flood damage in your Sarasota home includes visible and invisible aspects. Some damage, such as the torn roofs and inundated floors, develop immediately, while others like microbial growth take longer to manifest. One way to stop an incident from getting out of hand is involving a professional team like SERVPRO.

Professional restorers gauge a flooding incident by the underlying factors like:
• Expected levels of moisture action
• Physical forces like intense winds and wind-driven rain
• The amount or type of hazardous materials and contamination
The level of moisture action correlates directly with the amount of water that breaches the property. Therefore, if there are inches of standing water in your home, any materials vulnerable to moisture exposure are at risk of devastation. Even materials not in direct contact with the water are not immune from destruction.

Indirect moisture damages occur due to:
• Moisture wicking through materials
• Hygroscopic materials absorbing moisture from the humid air
• Condensation of evaporated water
During a storm, gale force winds can tear off roofing materials, shatter windows or destabilize structural supports. Severe inundation can also lead to foundation shifts. Some problems like foundation shifts may not be that apparent. Our SERVPRO technicians look for subtle early signs like cracks or stuck windows. Then we can suggest intervention methods.

Contamination is another aspect that determines the severity of a flooding incident. The presence of chemicals and biohazards such as raw sewage means that most porous contents and some structural materials must be torn out and removed. Proper PPE is necessary when managing such materials.

SERVPRO of South Sarasota can help you understand the flood damage situation at your property better, thus addressing it, "Like it never even happened." Call us at (941) 552-6319.

Effectively Using Drying Principles to Manage Drying in Siesta Key Properties

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

Blue tarp covering storm damaged roof From roof tarping to water removal, SERVPRO the only call you need to make for your storm damage restoration needs.

We Work Fast to Overcome Water Damage to Siesta Key Homes

Flooding is an unfortunate scenario that many coastal homes must contend with during their life. How rapidly these scenarios form showcases the urgency and need for experienced water and flood restoration technicians like our SERVPRO team.

The Principles of Effective Drying 

Regardless of the flood damage in Siesta Key homes, the principles of drying a flood-damaged residence do not change. After extraction, water saturation in areas like the attic or crawlspace need fast and efficient drying techniques to prevent more significant harm to the property. We balance three specific drying principles to maximize evaporation efficiency, including:

  • Temperature – Increasing temperature increases energy within water molecules and increases the efficiencies of evaporation.
  • Humidity – Lowering the humidity ratio decreases vapor pressure, liberating moisture from saturated materials to speed-up the drying process.
  • Airflow – Directed airflow disturbs cool vapor barriers and puts relatively dry air in contact with the material to increase the rate of evaporation.

Effectively Utilizing Humidity

Dry air is essential to promote the most efficient environment for drying a water damaged house. Lower humidity enables the faster drying of materials, and the evaporation process becomes more efficient. Our experienced professionals monitor humidity within the environment to determine when more significant action is necessary to reduce the relative humidity in the space that could impact water removal efficiencies.

Using Airflow for Efficient Drying

Air movers are among the essential elements to promoting proper airflow throughout a damaged environment. The positioning of these units effects all wet surfaces and becomes critical to removing cool vapor barriers present around damaged structural elements; they could prevent faster drying practices.

Flooding might not be avoidable, but you’ll be choosing a fast and reliable restoration and drying approach when you reach out to our experienced SERVPRO of South Sarasota team. Give us a call today at (941) 552-6319.

Don’t Let Common Flood Damage Hazards Pose a Threat – Let the Professionals Help in Sarasota

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO restoration equipment being used to dry water damaged carpet Flood damaged carpet and drywall need fast attention. You can count on SERVPRO for your storm damage restoration needs.

SERVPRO Arrives Fast to Handle Your Sarasota Flooding and Water Damage After a Storm

When a significant weather event takes place in Sarasota there is always the threat of potential damage to your property. Not only could there be roof damage or issues elsewhere on your property, but you also must worry about ground water flooding, which is especially true for anyone living in an area prone to floodwaters. SERVPRO addresses flood emergencies for area residents to help them get their property back in order sooner than DIY efforts can.

Some homeowners make the mistake of assuming everything will dry out on its own after encountering storm flood damage in Sarasota. However, here are a few typical areas in a home that need drying without delay to prevent more significant issues from developing:

  • Wall staining
  • Wet carpeting
  • Furniture watermarks
  • Lifted or warped flooring

It is vital to remember that flooding can negatively impact your property in a variety ways, some of which may not be immediately obvious. Problems can arise from not acting quickly enough to perform water removal, drying, and disinfecting, while others may come about from not using the proper methods for water damage remediation.

When calling SERVPRO to assist with hurricane damage, flooding, and cleanup, you can expect us to address one or more of the following hazards:

  • Debris –Flooding with severe weather events may bring debris like downed trees, trash, building materials, and more. We take the time to execute careful and safe removal and disposal of all waste. 
  • Damaged Wiring –One of the invisible dangers with floodwater includes wiring in walls that may have been subjected to moisture. We advise all power to be disconnected until a professional can assess wiring for repair or replacement.

SERVPRO of South Sarasota is available for flood restoration and water damage cleanup after storms hit the area. Call our team at (941) 552-6319 for emergency response.

How Can Sarasota Homeowners Eliminate Late-Night Flood Damage Quickly?

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

Flooded street in a residential area, deep floodwaters rising beyond sidewalks, encroaching on homes Floodwater contains debris and biohazards. SERVPRO is available 24/7 to remove water from your home.

24/7 SERVPRO Flood Damage Cleanup Restores Sarasota Homes Faster

Ground floods can be stressful enough on their own. Still, it can be particularly distressing for Sarasota homeowners who need fast service outside of a typical 9-to-5, Monday through Friday schedule. A swift response to such emergencies is imperative for keeping home occupants and their belongings safe and intact.

SERVPRO’s commitment to 24/7 service, including weekends and holidays, ensures that there can be rapid flood damage cleanup for Sarasota homeowners that can start within hours of initial contact. Our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) accredited technicians and staff will coordinate with you and your insurance adjuster to provide comprehensive services after disaster strikes.

Flood Damage Sanitation, Odor Control, and Debris Removal

Category 3–or “black water”–scenarios like groundwater flooding typically leave behind more than just contaminated water. Debris in the floodwater can include sharp objects, hazardous chemical, sewage, microbes, and contaminated solids. While the water typically subsides within several hours, the contaminated residues left behind require professional remediation to keep homeowners safe.

  • Late-night SERVPRO cleanup includes water/sewer extraction, cleaning, solid debris removal and microbial remediation. Unsafe materials are handled by technicians wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), and debris is safely packed in plastic bags for disposal.
  • Ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging binds deodorizers to malodorous substances at the particle level to make them heavy enough to fall and be collected for safe removal.
  • EPA-registered biocides can be applied with a variety of systems, such as pumps, sprays, foggers, injection systems, and manual cleaning, which can also significantly reduce odor by mitigating odor-causing bacteria and fungi

The crew at SERVPRO of South Sarasota is prepared to leave your home looking “Like it never even happened,” when property owners call (941) 552-6319.

Does SERVPRO in Sarasota Provide Emergency Services Flood Damage Restoration?

8/27/2021 (Permalink)

Lightning against a dark sky Storms frequently cause water to damage the home. SERVPRO is always on call to restore your flood damaged home.

Need Cleaning Up After Flood Damage in Sarasota – Call SERVPRO

The water source plays a significant part in the decisions regarding the cleanup of your home from water damage in Sarasota. Floodwaters are potentially the most dangerous. Not only is there damage to the structure and contents from floodwaters entering your home, but there is also silt, debris, chemical contaminants, and disease-carrying viruses and bacteria covering the floors and contents.

SERVPRO has the expertise, skills, and equipment to provide flood damage restoration in Sarasota. Floodwaters are in category three or otherwise known as black water, due to the potential for chemicals, viruses, and bacteria present. Hard surface non-porous items can be cleaned and disinfected.

Non-porous items may be structurally damaged, e.g., drywall, and may need to be removed and the studs inside the walls cleaned and disinfected. In most cases, we replace porous materials such as carpeting and underpads due to the high cost of removing contaminated water and disinfection. Area rugs that are of high value can be cleaned. An indoor environmental professional retests each carpet to confirm sanitary cleanliness.

SERVPRO provides the following services for flood damage situations:

Call SERVPRO of South Sarasota for flood damage in Sarasota and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (941) 552-6319

Removing Flood Damage from a Siesta Key Home?

4/13/2021 (Permalink)

Dark storm clouds It’s that time of the year, when storms abound. Should water enter your home, call SERVPRO. We are always available.

SERVPRO Provides Flooding and Storm Cleanup Fast

Flooding, whether from storms, groundswells, or flash floods, is the most common natural disaster in the United States. The average claim filed with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) totaled $42,000. Total losses have averaged nearly $4 billion per year since 2003.

SERVPRO renders flooding and storm cleanup for Siesta Key homeowners that begins within hours of initial contact. Technicians use commercial-grade inspection equipment, restoration tools, and antimicrobial products to return flooded homes to a pre-damage condition.

How Do SERVPRO Technicians Extract Floodwaters?

  • Technicians start with solid waste removal, which includes silt, debris, pests, and sewage.
  • Gas-powered submersible pumps extract water over two inches deep.
  • The pumping process entails removing about two feet at a time while SERVPRO crew members take note of any structural changes.
  • Hard flooring surfaces are cleaned of excess water with squeegee wands.

Wastewater is removed per the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification’s (IICRC) S500 guidelines to a treated sewer or water treatment facility.

Homeowners can call SERVPRO of South Sarasota for flooding and storm cleanup at (941) 552-6319.

Searching for Emergency Sarasota Flood Removal?

3/9/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicle parked in front of white fence When you see our Green Fleet around town, you can rest assured that SERVPRO is on the job to restore your flood damage.

SERVPRO Techs Extract Flooding from Sarasota Homes

Modern-day Sarasota is home to almost 60,000 citizens. This historied area was originally home to both Amerindian tribes and Spanish colonists exploring the area as early as the sixteenth century. The original documented contact between Spanish explorers and indigenous Americans occurred in 1513 after landing at Charlotte Harbor. What surprised the explorers was that the Americans already knew some Spanish, meaning even earlier expeditions had reached the area.

The Sarasota area was first documented in detail by Spanish explorers in the mid-1700s and given the name “Zarazote.” These early sheepskin maps also included what is now Bradenton. In the late 1800s, a massive 60,000-acre land purchase by The Florida Mortgage and Investment Company of Edinburgh greatly expanded the land available for city development. Shortly after that, the town became a haven for Scottish settlers.

Sarasota established a local chapter dedicated to finding sister cities in 1963. This group started not long after President Dwight D. Eisenhower began the diplomacy program in 1956.

These cities include:

  • Siming District in Xiamen, China, added in 2007.
  • Dunfermline, Scotland, added in 2001.
  • Perpignan, France, and Vladimir, Russia, both of which were added in 1994.
  • Tel Mond, Israel, which was added to the Roster in 1999.
  • Mérida, Mexico, the most recent sister city, was added in 2010.

Sarasota also has two “Friendship cities”: Rapperswil-Jona, Switzerland, and Busseto, Italy. These locales were introduced in 2017 and 2020, respectively.

Festivals in Sarasota

SRQ hosts several local festivals each year, such as:

  • The annual Sarasota Film Festival, which has occurred since 1998, is now one of the biggest events of its kind in Florida. It features independent films from all over the world.
  • The Sarasota Chalk Festival is the first known international street painting festival in the U.S. that draws its traditions from the Renaissance Italian practice of painting streets.
  • The Harvey Milk Festival advocates civil rights and independent music with a focus on the LGBT+ community. Milk was the first openly gay elected officeholder in California’s history, and the event is held each year during the weekend nearest his birthday.

Can SERVPRO Detect Flood Damage Behind Structures?

Technicians use a multitude of detection tools before initiating Sarasota flood removal services. However, only one is designed to detect moisture inside, underneath, or behind surfaces: the infrared camera. Thermography ascertains locations with potential moisture damage by observing temperature changes.

This tool provides a variety of benefits:

  • Inspection without damaging structures- Penetrating meters allow direct measurement inside surfaces, and infrared cameras are beneficial for a preliminary assessment.
  • Increased efficiency during the measurement phase-Viewing moisture-prone areas based on temperature readings is a much faster process than calibrating meters and sensors to measure individual surfaces.
  • Easier measurement of hard-to-reach areas- High ceilings and other structures that are difficult to access can be measured while keeping flooded properties and team members safe.

SERVPRO of South Sarasota can be reached at (941) 552-6319 for flood removal services.

Siesta Key and Sarasota Residents Can Cut Loose This Holiday Season

12/19/2020 (Permalink)

Christmas Sweater Ornament Don’t let storm damage keep you from wearing your Christmas Sweater. Let SERVPRO handle your storm damage.

Enjoy a Special Ugly Sweater Bar Crawl Event Happening Only in Sarasota

While you could find yourself at a small, boring holiday party at your neighbor's house, you could instead take your festive spirit throughout the city with the 5th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Bar Crawl. Throw on an ugly sweater from a thrift shop, put on some tacky pants, and get out on the town.

The event begins at 5 PM on December 12th, 2020. Eventbrite is the site for snagging your tickets, a requirement for all of the evening's special performances. You can also contact the organizer directly at (678) 243-8639. Base tickets offer:

  • Christmas movie live stream trivia during the crawl
  • Registration party
  • Themed specials at participating locations
  • Themed DJs at several stops
  • Ugly Sweater Virtual Bingo

Don't let a need for flood removal in your Siesta Key condo keep you from the fun. SERVPRO of South Sarasota can help. Call us today at (941) 552-6319.

Preventing Flood Damage from Affecting Sarasota's Art and Culture

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up of SERVPRO restoration vehicle Our Green Fleet is loaded with restoration equipment so that we restore any flood damage you may have.

Sarasota is a Mecca for Music, Art, and Entertainment, a Coastal City with Immense Culture and Artistic Inspiration

Art is a defining component of our heritage in Sarasota, making it vital that we continue to take actions to protect some of our long-standing festivals and events that promote various media and live entertainment. Even during times of change such as we witnessed throughout the past year, the willingness to diversify and grow becomes a powerful tool for the Gulf coast residents and tourists. Whether the sun is shining, or the storm has left a mess, Sarasota is a community that bands together. Long-standing elements in the city like our SERVPRO team can help in these post-storm scenarios too.

Florida Studio Theatre

Since 1973, this theatre has been as much of a symbol of the arts in the community. There are six main branches and programs that have a home in the Theatre, including:

  • Mainstage Series
  • Cabaret Series
  • Children's Theatre
  • New Play Development
  • Education
  • Stage III

In total, the many structures that make up the Florida Studio Theatre (FST) take up two blocks. This theatre has a total of five grand performing spaces, including Keating and Gompertz Theatres, the Goldstein and John C. Courts Cabarets, and the Bowne's Lab Theatre. With more than 220,000 attendees every year for its various performances and programs, and a high-level of subscribing patrons, this non-profit theatre is among the largest and most active in the country. Some of the most profitable and memorable performances of recent years include Unchained Melodies, 191 performances of Blue Suede Shoes, and more.

Music of Sarasota 

Music has always been a centerpiece of Florida's culture and the arts, especially in coastal communities like Sarasota. Our fixation on live entertainment has provided a welcoming location for music artists and independents and larger troupes like the Sarasota Orchestra that has been in operation since 1949. It would be this talented and nationally recognized chamber music group that developed an annual Sarasota Music Festival to welcome the most recognized educators and gifted pupils of the genre to Sarasota for the three-week event.

Beyond the noteworthy orchestra, the city has always attracted some of the most prominent names in music. While many of these just passed through with memorable performances at the Jazz Club of Sarasota, such as Gregg Allman, Tommy Dorsey, and even Elvis Presley, others have found Sarasota to be the place they want to settle down. Brian Johnson of AC/DC, Joe Perry of Aerosmith, and Dickey Betts – the guitarist and founding member of the Allman Brothers.

Cultural Festivals Happening in the City 

Events can showcase many of the talents and ambitions of many of Sarasota's most promising and talented residents. Festivals range considerably in subject matter from street painting to other media. The common thread tying many of these annual occurrences is the various arts and cultures they all represent. In our growing coastal community, we have many festivals and exhibitions to await, and some of the most popular of these include:

  • Sarasota Film Festival – Widely regaled as one of Florida's largest film festivals and one of the most renowned of these throughout the country, despite the early opposition it received from Sarasota's residents. Now, the festival brings together more than 250 independent films and their creators, providing a mecca of content to view and panels for interested parties.
  • Harvey Milk Festival – While independent music festivals are not uncommon to find in many cities throughout the country, Sarasota focuses on one of the most influential and powerful voices of the LGBT community, the late Harvey Milk. The entire weekend spotlights various arts. This free event draws in thousands for its live entertainment, gallery showings, films, and discussion.
  • Sarasota Improv Festival – The art of improvisation requires fast thinking on your feet and an ability to manipulate props and environments to suit the narratives you create. Those who enjoy this type of show look forward to the Sarasota Improv Festival held annually in the city since 2009. The best in this niche travel from all over the country to share their craft on stages. In more than a decade of running, the festival has hosted some international greats from France, the UK, Mexico, Spain, and Canada.

Is Crawlspace Flooding Damaging to Your Sarasota Property? 

Storms and damaging weather events are not uncommon to Sarasota and other coastal communities, so having a plan to clean up after these messes are vital. Understanding your limitations in this regard can ensure that the right steps occur to thoroughly remove water and moisture after flood events to thwart potential mold damage that could result. As a leading storm damage response team in Sarasota County, our SERVPRO team stays prepared for these emergencies with production vehicles stocked with our advanced water removal and drying tools.

The crawlspace of homes is the most likely place to become damaged by flooding situations initially, so we have numerous tools to address these situations. Pooling beneath your home can lead to widespread mold and microbial threats and a weakening and deterioration of your house's structural support. Removing water is the first step, and there are several methods for this. When debris is present, trash pumps are among the favored options, as these can pass solids when necessary through broader discharge and intake hoses.

As a general contracting firm licensed through the state of Florida (#CGC1504870), we have other permanent solutions that can keep damaging crawlspace flooding from becoming a recurring threat. Crawlspace encapsulation coats the surfaces with thick poly-sheeting to prevent moisture exposure. Installing drainage systems and sump pumps can keep the crawlspace dry and prevent any water from reaching the house's main floor.

Flood damage in Sarasota homes can be a threatening situation. Our SERVPRO of South Sarasota team can help with efficient extraction, cleaning, and repairs to make it "Like it never even happened." Give us a call today at (941) 552-6319.

What Should Homeowners Know About Handling Dangerous Materials During Flooding?

11/19/2020 (Permalink)

Floodwater covering the street and yards Did you know that floodwater contains contaminants? SERVPRO can safely remediate the damage.

SERVPRO Helps Evaluate Flood Damage Incidents in Sarasota Properties to Determine the Necessary Precautions During Renovation

When a flooding incident affects your Sarasota property, you need to start cleanup and restoration fast. During these processes, you might be exposed to harmful substances. Traces of the contaminants might also remain within the property, thus endangering the well-being of other occupants. SERVPRO can help you manage flood damage incidents safely.

Why does flood damage leave hazardous materials in Sarasota properties? (H2)

  • Flooding can expose dangerous materials already in the house
  • Floodwaters often contain hazardous materials
  • Chemical processes that occur while property remains wet can create new harmful materials

If your home was built in the 1970s or earlier, building materials of that time often contained hazardous substances such as lead-based paints or asbestos-laden drywall and flooring. These materials do not typically pose a risk unless disturbed, but the vigorous cleaning and demolition processes necessary to restore a building after a flood can liberate them, resulting in potential exposure. As an Lead-Safe Certified Renovator, we are certified by the EPA to assess hazardous material risk of lead-based paints, and safely remove it. We will also see that the materials in your pre-1978 home are tested for the presence of asbestos, so that a proper asbestos abatement can be performed if necessary.

What is necessary when renovating a house with hazardous materials?

  • Use of the correct PPE
  • Safe removal of materials
  • Safe disposal of waste

Renovation involves thorough cleaning of soiled areas, and often requires removal and replacement of non-salvageable materials such as drywall, carpet, and fabric. The processes lead to disturbance and direct contact with the materials. Our SERVPRO technicians take various precautions to ensure the right outcome such as donning the proper PPE, including rubber gloves, boots, respirators, and impervious suits when necessary, to prevent direct contact with hazardous materials.

When we tear down affected areas, we use plastic bags and trashcans to hold the wastes before disposal to prevent the spread of lead paint or asbestos dust. We also arrange for proper removal of the debris rather than sending them directly to the landfill.

Hazardous materials can increase the risk posed by flooding. Call SERVPRO of South Sarasota at (941) 552-6319 to help manage the incident at your property. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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A Heavy Storm Left Me Dealing with Flood Damage in My Property. Where Do I Seek Help

8/23/2020 (Permalink)

Hallway of commercial property. Flood cuts in walls When this business was damaged by a storm, SERVPRO was there. We completely restored this property back to its preloss condition.

Talk to SERVPRO Technicians in Sarasota To Help You Handle the Flood Damage in Your Residence

Flooding resulting from a storm can cause severe problems in your property, especially if ignored for more than 48 hours. The floodwater can seep into walls, carpeting, and upholstery, among other nooks and crannies. If you do not clean your Sarasota home appropriately, it can be the breeding ground for mold, which may cause health issues to you and your family.

How long does it take mold to grow in a flooded property?

If the flood damage in a Sarasota property is ignored for more than 24 hours, mold may begin to grow on surfaces. The floodwater may destroy porous materials such as drywall and wood. SERVPRO's team of experts can mitigate flood damage. We can use advanced products to clean the affected area and minimize the chances of mold growth. Also, we perform mold remediation. Our mold remediation contractor's license number is MRSR3181. Our general contractor's license number is CGC1504870.

How long do restorers take to dry the affected property?

Even after cleaning and disinfecting your property, mold growth can still occur until the area is dry. With our advanced equipment and tools, it can take several hours or days to dry the area. A humidity level of between 40 and 60 percent should discourage mold from forming and multiplying inside your property. Our technicians can use centrifugal air movers to drive dry air from outside to replace the moist air in your property. The dry air from outside increases the rate of evaporation in your property and expedites the drying process.

How do you determine if the drying process was successful?

After drying your property, we inspect the affected area for moisture. Our technicians can use a thermo-hygrometer to measure the humidity and temperature of air masses. The equipment provides the restorers with humidity ratio, vapor pressure, and dew point readings. We can determine if drying was effective by identifying the moisture content of materials in the unaffected areas of the home. We make these our drying goals for the affected materials. Our SERVPRO restorers know that the affected areas are back to normal when the readings in the affected areas are the same or drier than the unaffected areas.

Which restoration services do you perform?

Once we dry the structures and content of your property, we can offer different restoration services to normalize the affected area. They include:

  • Repairing the structures and contents
  • Performing final cleaning
  • Making final inspections
  • Removing restoration equipment from the job site
  • Placing your contents back in place.

Flooding can destroy your property and cause health issues to your family if not handled on time. Contact SERVPRO of South Sarasota to restore your property. You can reach us at (941) 552-6319.

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How do Professionals Handle Flood Damage in Sarasota?

6/1/2020 (Permalink)

Pooling water on floor by door and wall Living in a high-flood area, Sarasota homeowners could deal with flood damage on a regular basis.

There are many things you can do to help your furniture survive after a flood in Sarasota. Not the least of which involves contacting a qualified professional for help. Consider making contact and obtaining a pre-existing relationship before tragedy strikes.

Living in a high-flood area, homeowners in Sarasota could deal with flood damage regularly, making your choice of furniture, home preparations, and adequate home insurance vital to your survival. Luckily, expertly trained flood damage professionals reside right here in our community and are at your disposal 24-hours a day.

At SERVPRO, we cannot stress enough how important it is to act quickly after an incident occurs. Have a professional inspect your home and its contents as fast as possible after a flood. The more time you take to make a decision, the harder it can be to restore your home.

When your SERVPRO technician arrives to assess the damages on your property, take photos of damaged items to present to your insurance company. Work with your technician to determine which items to salvage, considering the severity of damage and cost over sentiment.

Let the SERVPRO team move salvageable contents such as furniture and appliances to a clean, dry area. Always avoid moving saturated items yourself, more substantial pieces may be somewhat cumbersome and lead to injury to yourself or secondary damages to the item itself. Remember, solid wood furniture has a better chance of survival. Technicians can sometimes salvage additional items. However, upholstery or particleboard furniture is more porous and unlikely to withstand a flood.

Our technicians have access to a variety of water extraction and removal equipment, advanced drying techniques, and cleaning and restoration procedures that protect your home. We can help you avoid damages from less impactful floods and even prepare for those that do the most harm.

Contact SERVPRO of South Sarasota for additional information about our services or to schedule your home’s flood damage restoration. We are proud to provide our local community with quality services they can trust, call today (941) 552-6319.

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What are Things to Consider When Remediating Flood Damage in Siesta Key?

5/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van in front of building Siesta Key Stays Drier Post Storm Once the SERVPRO Green Van Arrives

Determining Restorable and Unsalvageable Items during Flood Damage Restoration in Siesta Key 

Flood damage events give little to no warning, and when they occur, they cause significant losses. No matter how devastating or minor the situation is, you need to work with professionals who have the resources to handle such incidents. By responding immediately, we can lessen the damage, reduce the costs of repair, and limit further damage. Here, we cover some of the procedures we perform when dealing with such events in Siesta Key. 

Flood damage incidents in Siesta Key are associated with contaminated water, and there are specific emergency procedures that our SERVPRO technicians perform when attending to such issues. One of the first things that we do when we arrive at the site is to eliminate potential safety hazards. We post signs and use the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment, such as rubber gloves, respirators, coveralls, eye protection, and boots. 

Using rakes and shovels, we remove the debris and silt that the flood water deposits on your property. Sometimes, the deposits may contain hazardous materials such as asbestos and lead, so we advise homeowners to observe the necessary safety procedures even when we are yet to arrive at the site. In cases where there is a possibility of contamination spreading to unaffected locations, we may put containment measures. For instance, we may subject the contaminated area to negative pressure to limit the spread of mold spores to clean areas. 

By using pumps, portable and truck-mounted extractors, our SERVPRO technicians remove standing water from floors and carpets. We have to evaluate your items and determine what is salvageable and what we need to remove and replace. In most cases, we do not disinfect porous items that have come into contact with floodwater. When it is necessary to dispose of the unsalvageable materials, we follow the local, state, and federal regulations, ensuring there is communication with your insurance provider. 

Dealing with Black Water Flood Damage in Siesta Key

You may have read online that black water flood damage in your Siesta Key home can represent a significant safety hazard to anyone in the building. While this is true, and you should avoid contaminated flood waters at all costs, there is no need to overreact to any damage your home incurs. SERVPRO can handle any flood damage and safety hazards produced after a storm and have years of experience dealing with flooding far worse than we see in most residential areas. Here are a few questions – and answers – that we often receive about black water flooding. 

What is Black Water?

In the context of flood damage in Siesta Key or any other community, black water refers to standing water with visual contamination and, typically, discoloration. These contaminants and discoloring materials are primarily composed of dirt, plant matter, perhaps fecal matter, and miscellaneous debris coming from outside the home. It may also include materials from inside. Blackwater typically has a high amount of bacteria and other biohazards even in small volumes of water, making it a significant hazard. 

How Do I Stay Safe?

Above all, make sure you do not wade or walk through any part of your home, flooded with standing water. This water exposes you to bacteria and pathogens that could cause health effects and potential electrocution and laceration hazards that may be hard to spot through the murky water. Besides, some contaminants could create harmful gases, so we recommend staying as far away from the black water as possible. 

How Do I Remove It?

Blackwater flooding requires the aid of a professional water removal company like SERVPRO for extraction. We carry specialized machines and safety equipment to facilitate the fast and efficient removal of floodwaters from your home. After removing the water, we take the time to sanitize the area and kill off any remaining microbes thoroughly. Remember that black water, as even clean water from a plumbing leak, can do significant damage to your possessions and the structure of your home.

SERVPRO of South Sarasota has helped local homeowners clean up after flood damage for years and stands ready after every major storm to help those in need. Call us as soon as possible after your home takes damage at (941) 552-6319.

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What Happens to Drywall When Flooding Occurs in Sarasota?

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

Green SERVPRO car and truck in a parking lot Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is fully stocked with equipment to restore your water damaged home.

Flood Damage Restoration in Sarasota Can Require Repairing Wet Drywall

During severe rainstorms in Sarasota, winds can cause tree branches to break off and fall onto your roof. Once a hole gets created in your roofing materials, flood damage could take place. For instance, if a branch breaks a hole in your roof, then the rainwater can start with your roofing materials negatively and then begin to flow down into your house.

When flood damage occurs in Sarasota caused by a roof leak, the H2O can flow down your wall studs towards the ground. Moisture coming from your attic and ceiling can saturate a large portion of your drywall when it follows gravity from the top of your wall studs down to your floor. When dealing with wet drywall, professional restoration companies such as SERVPRO knows the construction of your walls.

Drywall consists of a gypsum material with paper on its front face, back, and long edges. The wall material can come in various sizes such as 1/4", 1/2", and 5/8". However, 1/2" thick drywall is the most common when dealing with residential buildings. This gypsum board is then nailed or screwed onto your wall studs, leaving a cavity between each stud.

When inspecting the severity of the issues with your walls, our SERVPRO technicians can start by using a non-penetrating moisture meter to figure out which sections of your drywall got wet. We can then use a penetrating meter that gets pounded into your walls so that we can see the exact moisture content of the gypsum material. We can also use the penetrating meter to measure the moisture content of your wooden wall studs. Once we get readings in the affected areas, we take measurements of moisture in other building materials that we know were not affected to determine how wet the materials got and to establish a drying goal.

If you ever notice that your walls and ceilings got wet due to a leak in your roof after a storm strikes your neighborhood, call SERVPRO of South Sarasota at (941) 552-6319 24 hours a day. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Can My Actions Damage My Property Further After Flooding?

5/6/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO vehicles outside home No matter the amount of flooding, SERVPRO is your trusted choice for remediation. Call us today!

Enlisting Help from SERVPRO Guarantees Appropriate Response to Flood Damage Incidents in Sarasota 

Taking immediate action is one of the widely expected responses to flooding situations since properties continue to deteriorate the longer a flooding situation remains unresolved. However, it is possible to cause more problems while trying to resolve a flooding incident.

Which typical problems can restoration processes create?

Since the restoration of flood damage incidents in Sarasota homes involves several processes, it might be challenging to pinpoint what causes a problem, once it develops. Some of the typical issues our SERVPRO technicians notice in properties that worsen the initial loss include:

  • Spreading contaminants
  • Unnecessary damage to materials
  • Exposing hazardous materials

How easy is it to spread contaminants around the property?

Flooding incidents result in different forms of contamination—incidents involving groundwater deposit a wide range of contaminants collected outside the structure, including biohazards and chemicals. One of the common ways contaminants spread is through foot traffic, whereby people spread the contaminants from the affected area to other sections of the property. However, there are other subtle ways to spread contamination. For instance, processes such as using pressure washers to clean soiled areas or air movers to dry the property can aerosolize contaminants, spreading them throughout the property.

Which actions are likely to expose hazardous materials?

Modern building practices have eliminated the use of hazardous materials such as asbestos. However, the material is still prevalent in older properties. Other hazardous substances like mercury, lead, PCB, and chlorofluorocarbons are present in almost every structure. Exposure mostly happens when removing materials or checking wetness levels using pin-style moisture detectors. Our SERVPRO technicians take precautions when handling different materials to minimize the chances of such exposure. Ordinary materials that may have traces of hazardous substances include:

  • Flooring associated adhesives
  • Attic insulation
  • Cement siding
  • Ceiling tiles

SERVPRO of South Sarasota can help restore flood damage without creating additional problems, making it "Like it never even happened." Call us at (941) 552-6319.

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Storm Flood Damage Sarasota – Communication and Reports

2/18/2020 (Permalink)

A SERVPRO vehicle sitting in front of a flooded neighborhood. SERVPRO will help you keep your Sarasota flood damage checklist in order.

Flood damage in your Sarasota home is hard let us help you remember it all.

The last thing a homeowner thinks about after their home has undergone significant damage from a storm is completing reports and documenting tasks completed. The client typically focuses on the personal items that can be recovered. Also, the damage to their home and how they are going to recover. Many are very emotional and distraught.

One of the first things SERVPRO tackles after significant storm flood damage in Sarasota is to open a job file that documents everything needed on the job. The equipment, the staff, and the action taken to return the homeowner's home to its original condition. The crew chief discusses the work plan with the homeowner. If the property is insured, the work plan is also discussed with the adjuster. The crew chief aims to bring order out of the chaos.

Managing the Cost of Storm Damage

There is lots of damage caused immediately by the storm. Fast action by SERVPRO can limit the amount of additional damage caused by ongoing exposure to the elements, moisture and mold growth and swelling of hardwood floors, and much more.

We prepare reports documenting all of the work we complete, the concerns of the customer, and the scheduling of restoration work. For example, installing and repairing drywall, replacing underpads, and carpeting, and much more after the home is dried.


SERVPRO also schedules walk-throughs and inspections. The chief crew reviews all of the completed work. The crew chief takes notes of any follow-ups that are needed. He or she also completes a walk-through with the client, taking note of their concerns, and preparing instructions for the crew to follow-up before they leave the worksite.

 It is this attention to detail and documentation that goes into the job file that helps SERVPRO deliver quality results and satisfied customers. We aim to return your home to its original condition, "Like it never even happened."

We also have Contractor Licenses: General: CGC1504870 and Mold Remediation: MRSR3181.

Call SERVPRO of South Sarasota at (941) 552-6319 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Ridge Wood Heights, Gulf Gate Estates, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Some Steps to Flood Damage Remediation Success in Sarasota

12/29/2019 (Permalink)

storm damaged Florida homes Even though the storm season has passed, it does not mean that we are totally out of the woods.  Contact SERVPRO to remediate.

Wind-Driven Damage to Sarasota Roofs During Hurricane Season

High winds can be an anticipated and damaging effect of storm events making landfall at the Sarasota coastline. With severe weather threats like these, the potential catastrophe leaves our SERVPRO team on high alert in expectations of assisting homes and businesses that need it. Even during the storm, property owners can recognize situations like wind-driven damages to roofs that allow water penetration. The ensuing flooding could present substantial risks to the structural integrity of the house and its contents.  

Storm and flood damage to Sarasota home requires a specific division of our professionals. Our storm response team can help not only the greater metropolitan area here along the coast but the entire state of Florida. Because of the placement of the city along the Gulf of Mexico, yet also susceptible to storms traveling north from Jamaica and Cuba, we can contend with substantial winds, hail, torrential rain, and full-scale hurricane threats.

Wind-driven damage is typical to structures during the worst of the weather emergencies to strike this coast. Removing shingles, terra cotta roofing tiles, and other materials present immediate vulnerabilities in the defense of your property. Even moisture exposure can become a costly situation as these circumstances can often lead to mold growth and other microbial threats when left unchallenged and unrestored. Even missing soffit and flashing can lead to water penetration. With substantial damage like fallen trees or collapsed roof portions, flooding is a threat that the house also experiences.

When our SERVPRO professionals first arrive at the house and conduct the scope of the job and damage assessment, we can work to offer practical and cost-efficient mitigation strategies. As a restoration team that also features a full in-house division of licensed (#CGC1504870) residential contractors, we can not only provide our customers with the drying and cleaning that their property needs, but have the skills and expertise to handle demolition and build back as well as required.  

Storm damage can cripple the exterior defense of your home under the right conditions, but our SERVPRO of South Sarasota team has both the restoration and reconstruction experience to help. Give our professionals a call anytime at (941) 552-6319.

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SERVPRO Uses Infared Cameras to Locate Moisture in Flood Damaged Sarasota Homes

10/16/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van with hose to suction water extending from the van Each vehicle in our Green Fleet is equipped to handle your water damage emergency. Call us today!

How Flooding Affects Sarasota Homes

Global warming and the effects on the weather and rising water levels are consistently in the news in Florida. Our coastal communities are more susceptible to the tides, and cities like Sarasota are vulnerable to the damage they cause. Businesses and homeowners alike must actively prepare by researching the resources available to restore their property should a water event occur. Allowing a professional team to take the helm and navigate the restoration process is perhaps the best decision you can make.

If you are a homeowner in Sarasota facing flood damage, SERVPRO is your first line of defense. Relying on our field expertise and academic training is a smart move when you want the restoration process to be correct and efficient. Like you, we want to mitigate your losses and return your home to normal as soon as possible. Because time is of the essence when water invades your home, our crew is available 24/7; all you need to do is place a call.

A trained water restoration technician (WRT) knows that floodwaters are not the same as water leaked by a clothes washer or burst pipe. Water that comes from the outside carries with it bacteria that can multiply and spread if we do not eradicate it quickly. Our SERVPRO technicians have the knowledge and tools to implement a restoration plan that thwarts the spread of microorganisms and the ensuing consequences. If you are wondering how a piece of equipment makes the difference, you can take infrared technology as an example.

When you apply infrared cameras and thermography principles to the restoration of your home, you can identify where moisture levels are out of balance without drilling holes into your walls or tearing up your floors. Our SERVPRO team can access hard-to-reach crevices with less damage and quicker than if you did not have infrared technology available. As a homeowner, this translates into a more efficient (and possibly less costly) restoration so that you can return to regular life as soon as possible.

SERVPRO of South Sarasota is here to help. A call to (941) 552-6319 is not only about reacting to flood damage, but it is also about protecting your home and family. Call us and let us enter your home, so we leave it "Like it never even happened."

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Our Experts Are Trained To Safely Restore Your Sarasota Home

8/21/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO van driving down a street with standing water SERVPRO of Sarasota is available 24/7 365 days a year to restore your home and make it "Like it never even happened."

The Risks of DIY Flood Recovery in Your Sarasota Home

Natural disasters present a dangerous situation for many Sarasota homes. The less that homeowners understand about emergencies like flooding, the more susceptible they become to the persistent risks and threats present in rising floodwaters affecting the neighborhood. Knowing how to address these issues safely is a focal point of the professional recovery services that our SERVPRO team can offer after flood damage has occurred.

With the speed that flooding can overtake a property, how you manage flood damage in Sarasota homes is vital to protecting structural integrity and the contents of the house. Relying on the fast response and experienced results from our SERVPRO team can keep you protected from many of the dangers present in worsening flood damage, but it can also help to prevent loss and unnecessary reconstruction.

There are many risks and threats associated with natural flooding from rising bodies of water like the local streams and creeks. Even flash flooding can present many of these same threats. No matter how flooding occurs in your property, here are some things you must be cautious of to prevent personal injury, structural loss, and irreparable damages to the contents of your home.

 - Contaminants – Depending on what floodwater encounters in its path to your home, many potential contaminants exist. From dead animals and bacteria to chemicals and other substances, our SERVPRO team must protect ourselves throughout the extraction and drying processes to prevent exposure to harmful contamination.

 -Animals – Rising waters and fast-moving currents can bring all manner of creatures into your home that get swept in with flood damage. Snakes and alligators can be among the most potentially harmful of these, though nearly any threatened animal can injure you.

 -Structural Weakening – Overexposure to supports, flooring, and ceiling materials can all begin to over encumber their designated limits. Heavy ceiling materials can collapse, flooring can buckle under the added weight of a restorer. These are all conditions that our professionals must diligently combat during our recovery efforts.  

Although there are many threats and risks to flooding in your home, many homeowners still have the impression that DIY approaches can save time and money. No matter what you decide, our SERVPRO of South Sarasota team is available to help however you need it. Give our rapid response team a call whenever disaster strikes at (941) 552-6319.

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Why You Shouldn't Take a 'Siesta' After Flood Damage to Your Siesta Key Home

6/26/2019 (Permalink)

Mold growth can occur if flood water is not removed quickly.

Flood Damage Efforts To Restore Siesta Key Homes

As a barrier island on the west coast, Siesta Key is a fantastic place for residents and visitors. Unfortunately, that location on the Gulf of Mexico also leaves it open to flooding with every storm that passes through.  

Restoring Siesta Key flood damage means stepping in quickly to remove water from the home, and then clean and dry it as quickly as possible. SERVPRO remediation teams train to meet all requirements of the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), the industry standard for residential and commercial cleaning. With flooding, there are always contaminants that flow in with the water. These include soil, sand, waste from overwhelmed sewers, and more, which cause health problems and make cleaning operations more difficult.  

Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians’ (AMRT) first step is to spray standing water and affected surfaces with an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cleaner. It neutralizes the health threat and reduces the risk of mold growth as well. After spraying, team Water Restoration Technicians (WRTs) use a combination of pumps and water extraction devices to draw it out of the home and either into a sewer opening or a tank truck for disposal at a water treatment facility later.  

Team members now set up fans to increase air circulation and natural evaporation, and begin removing every carpet off the floors. If the interior of the home is very damp and humid, WRTs also install dehumidifiers to draw water out of the air to further enhance evaporation. SERVPRO teams cannot promise that cleaning efforts return a contaminated carpet to a usable condition, so removal is their only option.  

After removing the water, AMRTs spray every flooded surface and item with another cleaning agent. Technicians next wipe down everything to remove the contamination and examine it all to make sure they are clean and usable.  

For SERVPRO of South Sarasota, the goal is to return every flooded Osprey and Vamo home to a clean, dry, and safe condition for owners and residents. If you have suffered through a recent water intrusion to your home, call us today at (941) 552-6319 for assistance. We are here for you.

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Siesta Key Professionals Talk About Flood Restoration

5/30/2019 (Permalink)

Looks like it is time to call SERVPRO!

Restoring Siesta Key Homes After Flood Damage

With instant access to the Gulf of Mexico, Siesta Key residents and visitors can enjoy boating and fishing in some of the most fantastic water anywhere in the world. That same access, however, also puts neighborhoods at additional risk for flooding and other storm-related issues.  

Clearing out and restoring a Siesta Key home after flood damage requires a quick response to halt continuing issues, halt future damage, and return homes to their original, pre-flood condition. Each SERVPRO water restoration technician (WRT) trains to perform each task as quickly as possible with an eye to preserving everything possible and keep the final cost as low as possible.  

Removing standing water helps stop damage, but it is only the first step. WRTs can remove standing water from most homes in only a day, then move quickly to drawing it out of the personal and structural property.  

For large or bulky items like sofas and heavy curtains, they remove them to an unaffected area of the home like the garage and set them on blocks or pallets to drain trapped water. If a piece of furniture is soaked through, the WRTs use an extraction wand to remove water without harming the fabric.  

As the items drain, other SERVPRO personnel set up fans to increase air circulation and speed up natural evaporation. Where needed they also use dehumidifiers to pull moisture from the air and space heaters to slowly raise the temperature and further speed up evaporation.  

For inside the home, WRTs use the same extraction wands to pull water out of carpets and from between floorboards. Since this is floodwater, there is an increased amount of soil and other contaminants. That requires personnel to dispose of all carpets and pads since they cannot guarantee they are safe for use again. Regardless if the floor is wood or concrete, WRTs spray the surface with a sterilizing agent to prevent the growth of mold and bacteria.  

If you have had any flooding to your home, our goal at SERVPRO of South Sarasota is return your residence to a clean, safe condition as fast as we can. To schedule an inspection or service call, call us at (941) 552-6319 today. We are here for you.

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Our IICRC Trained Professionals Are Ready To Restore Your Sarasota Home

4/11/2019 (Permalink)

We have the necessary equipment, expertise and years of experience to restore your home so you can rest easy.

Use Flood Damage Cleanup Services in Sarasota to Restore Your Home to its Pre-loss Condition

Floods can occur at any time due to rising groundwater levels, dam failures, overflowing rivers or seas, and heavy rainfall. Flood water can affect walls, floors, soft furnishings and building structures depending on its severity. After a flood, it is critical that a home is assessed immediately and all items affected by water removed and dried promptly. This helps to reduce further structural damage while limiting the chance of mold growth.

Flood waters usually contain hazardous microorganisms. To prevent additional flood damage to your Sarasota home, you need to hire a company experienced in flood damage cleanup such as SERVPRO. We have the resources and expertise to clean up your property to make the damage appear “Like it never even happened.” Our remediation experts understand the importance of dealing with the destruction and harmful remnants left behind after flooding and provide proficient cleanup solutions to our customers.

Our IICRC certified technicians can clean and sanitize your property and possessions to return them to their pre-incident state, helping to reduce the disruption flooding causes and eliminate health risks. We have equipment that can remove water from your home fast. We use submersible pumps with adequate volume capacity and lift capacity when the water in a building is over two inches deep. We pump the water directly into a treated sewer, often a toilet or a septic tank if a home has one. If a large volume of water must be removed, we contact a septic tank company.

SERVPRO technicians extract as much water as possible to speed up drying. After removing most of the water, we use air moving and dehumidification equipment to target the water that’s harder to access. Air movers cause evaporation to speed up drying while dehumidifiers eliminate water vapor from the air to expedite the same. We also use moisture detection devices to determine which areas have water and determine if a structure is dry. Our technicians can also use specialized techniques to clean restorable items like furniture. We also use industrial air scrubbers to remove odors.

After experiencing flood damage, SERVPRO of South Sarasota can help you restore your property to its original condition. We are committed to client satisfaction. Contact us any time at (941) 552-6319 for flood damage cleanup services in Sarasota, Siesta Key, and South Sarasota.

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Has Flooding Damaged Your Sarasota Home's Foundation?

2/12/2019 (Permalink)

It is important to have your foundation inspected after flooding.

Restoring Flood Damage to Sarasota Home Foundations

Foundations throughout the Sarasota area come in different looks and compositions. From natural stonework to concrete slabs, caring for the foundation of your home requires identifying problems as they occur. When flooding happens throughout the area, even without penetrating the main floor of your home, your property could still be among those damaged by the emergency. Your foundation, regardless of its construction, was not intended to withstand pooling water.

Since you might not be able to inspect areas of your Sarasota foundation for flood damage visually, this task becomes one of the first actions of our professionals when you give us a call. We have the tools that can help us to identify problem areas and moisture pockets within the material itself that requires our attention. Allowing moisture to persist in the foundation can lead to widespread problems for structural integrity and mold growth in the supports and main floor of your house.

Our SERVPRO Franchise professionals can arrive quickly with our inspection equipment that can help to determine if such problems exist. Thermal imagery is one of these advanced tools, allowing us to identify moisture pockets within the foundation materials based on temperature differences. Once we can determine areas where your foundation has become compromised, we can work to dry out this damage using other equipment that we bring along for every water restoration project: our air movers.

Air movers force hot air into materials and push out the moisture saturation. Once this moisture is out in the environment, it becomes the work of our dehumidification equipment to draw it out of the air and into the collection tray in the machine. If our SERVPRO Franchise professionals can reach an emergency like flooding quickly enough, we can often preserve your foundation from requiring more costly repairs and work to prevent secondary effects like mold growth from taking root.

While flooding might not always affect the main floor of your home, this, unfortunately, does not mean that your home is in the clear from its effects. Give our SERVPRO of South Sarasota rapid response team a call for a thorough inspection and any time-sensitive moisture removal needs to protect your property. You can reach us 24/7 by calling (941) 552-6319.

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Lake Sarasota's Flood Damage Experts Explain The Science Involved with Drying

8/14/2018 (Permalink)

When a Clothes Line Won't Do to Dry Out Your Flooded Lake Sarasota Property--Call SERVPRO

Dehumidification and Air Movement Are Key Factors in Drying Interiors after Storms

This summer thunderstorms have been striking all over the country including places near Lake Sarasota. These severe storms are known to bring about weather conditions that can cause extensive flood damage. Wind can blow things into the exterior of your home and create holes for rainwater to pour into and make things wet. If your neighborhood in Lake Sarasota floods, then it is likely that water can enter lower levels of your home.
Excessive moisture inside any house can cause problems with contents and structural components. When dealing with a flood damage project in Lake Sarasota, our SERVPRO technicians work towards decreasing the severity of issues by removing moisture as quickly as possible. When materials get wet, they can lose their structural integrity along with their aesthetic appearance. If organic substances stay wet for too long microbial growth can occur.
To prevent mold growth, our SERVPRO technicians work towards reducing moisture levels of your contents and building materials in less than 48 hours. First, we extract as much water out of the affected rooms as we possibly can. The next step is the drying process. During the drying stage, we use equipment to manipulate the environment so that the drying speed is increased with the use of powerful air movers and axial fans.
As a rule of thermodynamics, everything always wishes to seek equilibrium. Therefore when materials contain more moisture than the air right next to its surface, water will want to evaporate from the wet substances and move into the air. If the air next to an object has more water than the material, water can then move from the air and make the item wetter. Wet to Dry.
Our SERVPRO restoration team sets up air movers to push air away from wet surfaces. When we replace the damp air next to wet items with warm, dry air, then more water can evaporate from the wet items, thus speeding up the drying process. The damp air then gets pushed into the center of the room where dehumidifiers sit to suck up the moist air and remove the water in liquid form. This condensation is collected in a pan or run through a hose to a drain. The dehumidifiers then exhaust out warm, dry air to complete the cycle when it gets used in the air flow of the air movers.
Since air can hold more water at higher temperatures, we also add heat to the affected areas so that the air can carry more moisture away from the wet materials. We increase the RH relative humidity. It is important that the correct ratio of air movers per dehumidifiers get used or drying may not be as effective. If you ever notice things inside your house got wet after a storm, call SERVPRO of South Sarasota at (941) 552-6319 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Gulf Storms Can Cause Flooding Inside of Your Sarasota Home

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

Sarasota Storm Cleanup Gets Done Right by SERVPRO

Tropical Storms Affect Sarasota Properties So Call SERVPRO to Help Mitigate the Damages

Living on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico has its charms, but it can also be the site of intense ocean-based storms that can cause flood damage to your home. Florida is beautiful, sunny, and warm at all times of the year. However, the state is known for being hit by tropical storms. It is notably worse for you as a homeowner if a storm hits while you are away on business or seasonally absent. Fortunately, help is not far when these kinds of problems happen.
When a severe storm hits, the rushing waters can carry debris in them that can force an entrance into your Sarasota home and cause flood damage. A broken window is a perfect entry point for water, and during a violent storm, nothing is holding the water back. By the time the storm has moved on, your kitchen can be flooded up to your ankles.
Coming back to your home the next morning, only to find it flooded, can be overwhelming. However, it is essential for you to call for help as soon as you can. Allowing water to stand in your home untouched for any length of time is never a good idea, as mold can begin to grow in just 72 hours. The quicker SERVPRO can arrive at your home, the better. Make sure to immediately contact your insurance company.
When SERVPRO techs get to your home, the first thing they can do is determine the safety of the affected areas. Floods can carry elements like sewage and chemicals with them. These substances can be harmful to your health and require specialized tools to handle. Should your home be impacted by black water, all wet carpets need to be thrown out, as their quality and sanitation cannot be guaranteed, even after cleaning.
Once safety is determined, SERVPRO can use tools like submersible pumps, extractors, and wet/dry vacuums to remove the flooded water from your home. These tools can even be truck-mounted if the volume of water in your home is significant enough. After our technicians remove the flooded water, they can make sure the area is sanitary before moving on to ensure your home is up to dryness standards.
Should a severe ocean-based storm hit your home and cause flood damage, do not hesitate. Dial (941) 552-6319 to get in contact with SERVPRO of South Sarasota. We make it our goal to arrive at your residence swiftly and strive to return your home to its preloss state whenever possible.

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Flood Damage Technicians In Sarasota Discuss Drying Procedures

5/14/2018 (Permalink)

Sarasota Flooding in Your Home? Call SERVPRO for Fast Cleanup and Restoration

Sarasota Often Sustains Tropical Storm Damage and Flooding

If any severe weather ever happens to make its way into Sarasota, many residents could suffer property damage. If flooding occurs, it is possible that water gets into your home. Winds can blow branches and other objects into your windows causing rainwater to leak inside the structure.
When moisture gets inside a structure removal using extraction and drying is vital. Whenever mitigating flood damage in Sarasota, extraction takes place first using specialized equipment. After the pumps, wet-vacs and other tools pull out all of the moisture they can, the rapid drying process begins.
Rapid drying occurs when our SERVPRO technicians use equipment to create the ideal environment for quick evaporation. After tropical storms water removal is critical. Air movers get set up in the affected region to create airflow that hits wet walls at a 45-degree angle to replace wet air close to the surface with warm, dry air. Dehumidifiers then are placed in the center of the counterclockwise airflow so that they remove the water from the air and exhaust out hot, dry air.
The number of air movers and dehumidifiers needed for an area gets determined by the size of the affected area and how severe the damage is. Before drying begins, humidity and moisture content are measured inside the affected rooms. Once the levels are recorded, and we have a baseline, we establish a goal for the levels using a dry standard.
Normal equilibrium moisture content levels are obtained by taking everyday readings of materials in usual conditions. The accepted moisture levels vary based on the region since what is dry in Arizona might not be the same as what is considered dry in Florida. The equilibrium moisture content levels must be determined in each region of the country.
Once the drying goal is determined, our restoration crew returns to your home each day and tests the moisture content and humidity levels. When the readings show that the levels have reached the drying goal, then all equipment gets removed, and the reconstruction stage begins, if needed. For help with drying after a severe thunderstorm, call SERVPRO of South Sarasota at (941) 552-6319 24 hours a day.

Here is the local govt.

Flood Damage Emergency Restoration for Sarasota Homeowners

3/16/2018 (Permalink)

Seeing your home after a storm can cause a great deal of panic. Contact SERVPRO immediately to dry out and the restore your flood damaged property.

Team SERVPRO Arrives With the Certified Technicians and Equipment to Efficiently Dry Out Your Flooded Property

Natural disasters such as flooding and storms often come unexpectedly, causing extensive damage and loss to homes and businesses in Sarasota. Being victim to flood damage can set you back significantly. You may end up paying thousands of dollars for repairs and restoration, if you do not act fast.
Once your home sustains water damage, you need to contact SERVPRO immediately. We have a team of highly trained, highly experienced flood damage restoration experts that can respond quickly to flood damage emergencies in Sarasota. All our equipment is state-of-the-art and approved by the IICRC. It is regularly serviced and maintains ideal environmental friendliness.
Every solution from our SERVPRO technicians is designed to provide the best results and maximum efficiency at the job site. Our first priority in every situation is to check that everybody is safe. Anyone who is not vital to the recovery process should be evacuated immediately.
Flood water usually comes with structural damage. As such, SERVPRO technicians must assess for sewage pollution, sharp objects, and obstacles within the water. It is also important to wear personal protective clothing to avoid contamination, as well as prevent electrocution by securing any sources of electricity.
The initial steps of flood damage restoration also involve turning off main supplies of water, gas, and electricity. If the source of the flood is a burst pipe or leak, our technicians can identify and seal these places where possible. Moving valuable items to a safer place is equally important to prevent additional damage to things such as expensive furniture, crucial documentation, personal items, and electronic equipment.
For every project, we prepare a list of items that have sustained flood damage beforehand to make the restoration process easy and seamless. Temperature, humidity, and wood moisture content have a major impact on the integrity of critical facilities and building systems. Our remote monitoring system enables us to monitor these environmental parameters 24/7, depending on your requirements.  
In the event you experience a flood damage situation in your Sarasota home, SERVPRO of South Sarasota is available for quick and efficient restoration services. We have a reliable emergency response team that can return your property to preloss conditions in no time, "Like it never even happened."

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Recovering From Flood Damages To Your Sarasota Home

12/28/2017 (Permalink)

There is no doubt that flood damage can occur with or without the presence of a hurricane, so being prepared for a disaster can help you.

Recovering From Flood Damage

Being right along the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota residents are all too familiar with how quickly the sunny weather can turn into tropical storms or even hurricanes. Most recently, Hurricane Irma and even some of the damaging effects of Hurricane Harvey would be unrelenting to the city, leaving many homes and businesses without power and with significant flood damages.

There is no doubt that Sarasota flood damage can occur with or without the presence of a hurricane, so being prepared for these kinds of disasters can help you to save valuable contents of your house. You should also have a plan in place for how you are going to restore any damages that the waters left behind and get on with your life after it has happened.

Our SERVPRO team has always been available 24/7 for the people of Sarasota area, including both Siesta Key and Osprey. This commitment extends to anyone, whenever they might need us. SERVPRO has the tools and the expertise to make the flood damages “Like it never even happened.” If you are unsure about how our team responds when we are called out to assess and restore damages during and after a flood, you might be more at ease to understand our thorough processes.

From the moment you call, your home is a priority of our professional team. We arrive on site and begin assessing the damage and formulating a plan to clean up the mess and restore your damage. SERVPRO keeps an open line of communication with you so that you can better understand our methods and are comfortable with every step of the process.

Pumps are brought in to remove any lingering water from the affected area. While some situations only require smaller portable pumps to be used, other more severe cases would warrant the use of pump trucks that we have in our fleet. The area is dried using air movers, and another inspection of damage gets done when all of the structural components that were affected become visible again.

We at SERVPRO of South Sarasota, which includes the Osprey and Siesta Key areas, is available whenever you need assistance with any restoration project. Give us a call 24/7 at (941) 552-6319.

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A Smart Plan When You Return To Sarasota Post-Irma

10/14/2017 (Permalink)

Hurricane Irma Left Sarasota with SERVPRO's Help, "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO Tip--Inspect for Hurricane Storm Leakage in Your Home's Structure

When Hurricane Irma’s winds and rains tore through Sarasota, you were enjoying the last weeks of summer several states to the north. Neighbors in Florida report that your home appears to have survived the storm’s fury with no significant damage. Even so, we suggest you carefully evaluate your winter retreat when you arrive to ensure there are no unpleasant surprises to discover.
You love the retro look and feel of your Sarasota home, but feel hidden storm damage may lead to permanent problems because of aging structure and fixtures. The windows and doors needed maintenance that you put off in previous seasons. When you open your vacation home for this winter season, consider an inspection by one of our experienced project managers to check for rainwater or wind damage inside.
The strength of a Category 1 hurricane stresses dwellings with winds in excess of 75 miles an hour. Your home endured the battering of these high winds and heavy rain, but it is likely that water made its way into the interior at weak points, including doorways and windows with worn weatherstripping and dried-out caulk. Look for telltale signs like staining and bulging of the drywall or plaster around the door and window openings as you reacquaint yourself with your bayside house. SERVPRO crews train for the opportunity to recognize and restore the subtle damage that signals water forced its way through during the height of the storm.
Trained technicians measure the moisture content of the walls and floors near the aged windows and doors, determining drying targets. Air movers and dehumidifiers get the drying going while our workers search for any pockets of water hidden between the exterior and interior walls or under floorboards. SERVPRO experts also keep an eye out for secondary damage, especially due to microbial growth, as we treat and reclaim the saturated areas.
Mold infests and consumes organic surfaces including wood, wallpaper, chipboard, fabrics, and more. Not much water is needed to encourage the rapid multiplication of mold colonies, and it is a common problem after severe storms where wind-driven rain invades interior spaces, even without much visible damage. SERVPRO offers expert mold remediation crews if needed.
SERVPRO of South Sarasota is ready to help as winter residents return and face water and possibly mold damage. Call (941) 552-6319 to schedule a walk through with one of our technicians to ensure the comfort and safety of your seasonal stay.

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Providing Sarasota Homeowners Answers to Salt Water Flood Damage

9/8/2017 (Permalink)

Flood damage can be even more severe when salt water is involved, call SERVPRO to properly mitigate the damage.

Professionals needed for salt water flood damage

Storms can wreak havoc on your property, resulting in flood damage that exceeds anyone’s expectations. As Sarasota residents, we also have to deal with the potential of salt water invading our homes, which makes it necessary to obtain a trained professional to assist with the cleanup and restoration, after all, is said and done.

As severe weather systems make their way inland, they pick up salt water from the ocean, bringing dangerous chemical combinations directly into our Sarasota homes, making flood damage more severe. Normally, regular cleaning and maintenance keep these chemicals at bay. However, when these storms produce hurricane strength winds, flooding becomes a major issue. 

Hurricanes and storm surges can deliver salty, brackish water to homes as far as a quarter-mile inland, causing damage to metals such as iron or steel, as well as electrical wiring in your home. Just about any material used in your home’s construction takes significantly more damage when exposed to salt water because it carries an electrical charge that penetrates a variety of surfaces with ease.

At SERVPRO we offer IICRC-industry certified professionals who understand that the cure for salt water damage is fresh water. Our technicians take the time to flush your entire electrical system with fresh water, re-inspect everything to assess potential damages, and communicate findings to both you and your insurance company.

As you might think, services like this take a lot of time and effort. SERVPRO technicians help restore appliances and electronic devices, as well as protect your family from possible electrical hazards. We can help protect your home’s foundation, carpeting, furniture, floors, drywall, and roofing, potentially saving as much as possible to limit any losses you might experience.

We make your entire restoration process as stress-free as possible, providing you with solutions that best fit your situation. There is absolutely no reason for you to attempt repairs on your own, SERVPRO has professional technicians available 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Help is available, anytime, day or night.

At SERVPRO of South Sarasota, we stand ready to provide you with the personnel, equipment, and resources to take action as soon as possible. Notify us immediately after regaining access to your property after a flood; we can help prevent problems from getting out of hand, call today. (941) 552-6319

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Flooding Can Cause Significant Damage To Your Sarasota Home

6/17/2017 (Permalink)

SERVPRO understands that any flood damage to a Sarasota home needs to be removed and cleaned quickly.

Flood Damage

In most flooding disasters, the water is uncontaminated. Rising creeks and storms may contain small amounts of soil or plant material, but there is not a health concern. If the water comes in too quickly and causes pipes to break or cracks a septic tank, then the restoration process becomes more difficult and dangerous to anyone working to clean it up.

SERVPRO understands that any flood damage to a Sarasota home needs to be removed and cleaned quickly. When the water is contaminated, it becomes even more necessary. Certain types of personal and structural property require immediate disposal and the replacement costs increase accordingly. It alters how we approach cleaning and requires additional methods not needed with clean water.

Once we have the biohazard signs set up, technicians enter the home. As they do so, they spray a disinfectant on every affected area. After completing that, we remove any standing debris and soil. This task still requires basic rakes and shovels, but if it is contaminated, we dispose of it all according to state and federal rules. Now, we can remove the water. The equipment we use (pumps and extractors) is the same with uncontaminated water, but we have to pump it in a tank or tank truck rather than directly into the sewer system.

The next step is the hardest for a homeowner. Deciding to restore or replace contaminated property. Porous materials (i.e. fabric on furniture, curtains, and paper) are not salvageable without an excessive amount of effort and cost. If the contaminated water is gray (heavy soil but no sewage), we can attempt to clean it. Unless the item in question has some sentimental value, we recommend disposal and replacement.

If the contaminated water is black (contains sewage or other bio-waste), then it is not safe, and we must dispose of it. The rule also applies to carpets. If needed, we have excellent relationships with most insurance companies and can explain the decision-making process we used to them.

Contaminated structural components (walls, floors, and columns) required pressure washing. As when they walked into the structure, technicians use a disinfectant on every affected surface. To make certain we spray every inch, we may have to move property or even disassemble large items like bookcases to remove them from home. For large items that are contaminated, it may be necessary to remove them to our work center and clean them there.

Cleaning and restoring your home after a flood is not a quick or easy process. When the water is contaminated, the need to do it correctly and efficiently is even more important to avoid losing more property and incurring a massive replacement bill. SERVPRO of South Sarasota has decades of experience in cleaning Florida homes. Call us today at (941) 552-6319 to begin.

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When Severe Flooding Surprises, SERVPRO Responds

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Flooding can be devastating. Call SERVPRO to help make the experience more bearable.

Professional Technicians Can Dry Out Your Property After a Storm

Homeowners on the Gulf Coast of Florida become accustomed to a certain type of flooding during the tropical storm season. If you managed to dry out your lower levels in the past, the experience you had with the landfall of Hermine was completely different. Professional restoration from SERVPRO is the key to successful recovery from the strongest storm front to pass through our community in a dozen years.

Flood damage recovery is much more complicated when evacuations occur, common in Sarasota this past fall because of the strength of the storms. Leaving your home for several days increases the risk of collateral damage as the waters trapped within your home become contaminated. Only 48 hours, on average, of leaving the standing water and drenched structure and contents without attention invites microbial growth. Cleaning up a minor flood with a shop vac and a mop perhaps is possible when you are a veteran of regular storm seasons. Major flooding as seen with Hermine requires trained and certified technicians to restore your home to preloss condition.
Teaming up with SERVPRO gets flood damage swiftly under control. Take a minute to call us even while relocated. As soon as authorities permit you to return to your home after an evacuation, meet us there to begin the process of reclaiming your home and belongings. We are familiar with the tasks needed after a few days of unabated flood damage. At your home, we pump and extract the water and then assess for further issues. The team evaluates heating and cooling systems, floors and floor coverings, furnishings, walls, ceilings and other structural components. Know that we have experience and schooling in industry approved techniques, striving always to restore rather than repair or replace when possible.
Our staff holds IICRC certifications in applied structural drying, water damage restoration, and mold remediation. The project manager and crew assigned to you take you step by step through the process. Education of our clients is key to attaining the best outcome. We are here to answer any and all of your questions during the process, and we share with you tasks the homeowner can complete to keep the cost reasonable. Our office staff communicates with your insurance company to ensure fair coverage according to your policy.
If water damage finds you in over your head, SERVPRO of South Sarasota is always ready to lend a hand. Operators await 24/7 at (941) 552-6319.

Bounce Back Quickly From Storm Damage to Your Sarasota Townhome

2/3/2017 (Permalink)

Storms can bring down trees and invite flooding into your house. Make sure that SERVPRO is your recovery team for best results.

SERVPRO Technicians are Equipped to Remediate the Damage After a Storm

Beautiful beaches and many cultural amenities make the Gulf Coast of Florida a popular place to retire or have a second home. The price paid is being in the path of tropical storms and hurricanes when the conditions are ripe. Knowing this possibility makes a relationship with your local SERVPRO franchise a proactive move for the savvy homeowner. If your townhome sustains damage from high winds, heavy rain, storm surge, or flying debris, we are ready to begin the restoration process immediately. Locally owned and a committed member of the community, we understand the devastation seasonal storms can inflict upon our neighbors. We have the experience, the trained technicians, and the proper equipment to respond fast and effectively to storm damage.
Even though you may expect occasional storm damage to impact your Sarasota lifestyle indirectly, it is a whole different situation when your home is one that needs restoration. Expect a professional yet compassionate attitude from our entire crew, from the inspector we send after your first call, to the staff who complete the final touches after the work is done. We are a full-service restoration company, able to handle everything from initially securing your home from the elements through all the water and wind damage restoration tasks necessary. Save yourself the headaches of being your own general contractor by signing with us. All problems will be identified, and a plan will be designed to respond to each and every one.
Because we are one of a large and growing network of storm damage restoration companies, you are assured that your damage will be addressed quickly. If necessary, SERVPRO mobilizes comprehensive storm Disaster Recovery Teams in areas where devastation is widespread. Your agreement with our local team allows you access to the scaled services of our nationwide response to large storms and other disasters. Our commitment is to restoring your townhome to its preloss condition fast regardless of the needs of your neighbors, businesses, and government. You do not stand in line when we are aligned with you.
When the storms are gathering be sure to have SERVPRO of South Sarasota on speed dial. Call (941) 552-6319 and expect the highest quality restoration services delivered fast.